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Create Memories with your Family this Monsoon season: Check out these places near Lonavala.

August 2019

There is the road less travelled and then there is the road to Lonavala.

The road to Lonavala is literally the one most travelled during weekends. A lush-green landscape, clouds that drape the face of the sky like a veil and waterfalls galore make for a pleasing welcome to Lonavala. Add to this the magnificence of lakes, dams, adventure activities and its ever pleasant weather, and Lonavala packs the perfect punch for a quick weekend getaway. Come the rains, however, and the beauty of these offerings are even sweeter.

Being a mere 2-hour drive from Mumbai means that Lonavala is the most convenient and the most picturesque place to zip off to with your family this monsoon. While Lonavala has myriad attractions in its vicinity, there are some places you absolutely have to visit near Lonavala. Starting with –


Bushi Dam:

BUSHI DAM Image Courtesy: blog.sterlingholidays

Located on the Indrayani River, Bushi Dam is one of the most frequented tourist places in Lonavala. With a history that stretches back to the 1860s, Bushi Dam makes for a spectacular view when it overflows as the water rushes over an array of steps, almost like an artificial waterfall. A haven for bird watchers, the dam is easily accessible from Lonavala station and also by road, which makes it a highly popular tourist attraction in Lonavala.


Karla & Bhaja Caves:

KARLA CAVES Image courtesy: India.com

Built around the 2nd century BC, these caves are among the finest examples of ancient rock-cut caves existing today. The Karla cave complex comprises of 16 rock-cut cave shrines while the Bhaja caves complex comprises of 22 rock cut caves. The Bhaja caves are located 400 feet above the village of Bhaja on an ancient trade route, which extends from the eastern side of the Arabian Sea towards the Deccan. The Karla & Bhaja caves are protected as National Monuments by the Archaeological Survey of India.


Lohagad Fort:

LOHAGAD FORT Image Courtesy: Trekkerpedia

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Lohagad fort effortlessly combines ancient architecture with natural beauty. Perched atop a hillock and accompanied by the ever-pleasant Lonavala weather, the trek to Lohagad fort is one which requires a medium level of effort, but once scaled, it offers a jaw dropping view of its lush green surroundings. The fort was once under the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and also offers a fantastic view of the shimmering Pawna Lake.


The Machan:

THE MACHAN Image Courtesy: The Machan

Who thought that luxury and nature could go hand in hand? The Machan did, way back in 2009. The Machan is an eco-resort located in the quaint little village of Jambulne, near Lonavala. A picturesque boutique resort, The Machan marries the unique charm of tree-houses with picturesque views and complete serenity for a perfect stay in the lap of nature. Blissfully cut off from technology, The Machan also generates their energy from renewable sources so as to minimize the damage towards nature. Enjoy a spa session or join in on their yoga sessions through the day for some quality time with your family. The monsoon brings its own charm to the resort. With the gentle embrace of the comforting fog, embarking on a nature trail in the property of The Machan is an experience you will never forget. As their tree-houses sit over 30 feet above lush green forests, The Machan is a literal heaven on earth during the monsoon. The Machan has also won awards like TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award, which makes it one of the must-visit resorts in Lonavala.


Tiger Point:

TIGER POINT Image Courtesy: Trell.co

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a hill surrounded by lush greenery with only the calls of birds, the gentle embrace of the clouds and the Lonavala weather to keep you company. Tiger Point offers just that. This tourist attraction gains its name from the view it offers, which bears a strong resemblance to the shape of a tiger leaping into the lush green valley. The monsoon makes for an exciting time to visit Tiger Point as you are more likely to be greeted by the sight of myriad waterfalls along the way.


The monsoon can be a tricky time to navigate your way through a city, which is precisely why Lonavala makes for the perfect weekend getaway for city folks and tourists alike.

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