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Corporate Events

Team outings, team meetings, and success parties have one thing in common. They all need unique spaces to celebrate the magnitude of the occasion. Our tastefully furnished villas provide the perfect setting for these events. Whether it’s a team of writers looking to power through a draft or a sales team toasting to setting a new benchmark, the properties at PrimaEscapes pack a punch in terms of aesthetics, privacy, sprawling spaces and amenities for every occasion.

The team behind The Machan has been successfully organizing corporate events for over a decade. The combination of these facilities, combined with our award-winning hospitality service will ensure that all in all, your corporate event is not just another brick in the wall.


Tired of the same old setting for your board meetings? Why not try the villas at PrimaEscapes! Our spacious villas make for a perfect setting for board meetings, workshops, or even casual team outings. Our villas are located in serene locations that guarantee a private setting while offering views of lush green landscapes for a corporate getaway to remember.

Did you know that the environment we are in plays a huge role in regulating stress levels? Many vacation homes on the PrimaEscapes network are located blissfully in the middle of nature to provide the perfect antidote to increasing stress levels. Reduced stress levels equal to increased productivity. Increased productivity means the escapes we provide makes for the perfect environment for brainstorming sessions.

Our decade-plus experience in the hospitality industry means you get all the service of a luxury outfit combined with the warmth and comfort of a vacation home.

What better way to reward your employee of the year than with a stay at a vacation villa complete with a personal steward? Our handpicked selection of vacation villas means that you get to choose from a range of locations with varying amenities and styles that make for a perfect vacation experience.