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A boutique holiday villa rental service brought to you by the promoters of The Machan.

Established in 2009, The Machan is an award-winning, eco-centric, boutique luxury hospitality firm. For over a decade now, we have curated exuberant experiences for an ever-growing client base.

We fully understand the nuances of luxury hospitality, thanks to our decade-plus experience in the industry. This know-how, combined with our penchant for curating award-winning experiences has rendered us capable of managing some of the most premium accommodations across India.

Only 5% of homes are truly ‘Prima’

At PrimaEscapes, curating premium experiences in premium accommodations is our gospel. As such, only villas that combine exclusivity, privacy and luxury with the warmth and comfort of a home truly qualify for the mark of excellence that is ‘Prima’. Rest assured a property once selected by PrimaEscapes is undeniably a class apart.

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